Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Montreal, Canada

Au pied de Cochon-9/26/2019

There are 3 restaurants you absolutely need to go if you are in Montreal: Joe Beef (impossible to get in), au Pied de Cochon (reservation 1 month ahead) and La Toque.

We could not get in Joe beef even though I tried to reserve a month and a half ahead, La toque is too fancy, and we were thankful we got a reservation at au pied de Cochon, thanks to Anthony (Phuc's nephew).

Pied de cochon specialized in Foie gras and it helps that Anthony Bourdain featured it in his show: No reservation" and I am sure if helps to boost their popularity. 

 This the front of the restaurant. Notice that there is no sign, only numbers on top of the entrance door.


Our apartment is like a minute away from walking distance so we got to the restaurant early.

Beside the restaurant they also have lots of products on sale such as potted pate, mustard, maple syrup, etc..


Gin with Maple syrup that you can buy and take home...


The main dinning room


The restaurant was full of people and it has a cozy ambiance.


View of the bar when you walk in the restaurant.

The brick oven


The main part of the restaurant is pretty narrow with the kitchen/bar on the left and table for 2 to 4 max on the right, leaving just enough room for the waiters to move around.


We got a table at the end of the room.

This is the view of the restaurant from our table.


Menu front page with very cute drawings

Plate setting with Au pied de cochon logo

The menu is full of foie gras dishes- we are in heaven!


I was just a coincidence that Phuc/Huyen were in Montreal at the same time with us so we made sure to hook up for an epic meal at au pied de cochon

On the left: Phuc, Hoa, spencer and Catherine

On the right: Huyen, Me, and Anthony.

Starting the meal with a bunch of cocktails- Maple whiskey sour



Old fashion


Gin and Tonic

Dirty Martini

Salade de bleu- Blue cheese salad

We are going to order a lot of food so we made sure there is at least a Salad on our table.


Tomato Tart, béchamel sauce, roasted tomatoes, cheese.


Very delicious! Fresh out of the oven and piping hot.  Perfect to start the evening with a warm bite of this delicious tart.


Our waitress cutting the tart for us and on the right bread and butter.


Foie gras Nigiri


What can say... like delicious!


Duck Carpaccio served with Vegetables and a raw egg


The broth is brought out separately and poured at the table.


Yummy!  This dish is to eaten after the duck nigiri


Jambon blanc with mushroom confit.


Delicious with a piece of bread and lots of butter.


Foie Gras poutine

If you come to Canada, you have to eat a poutine.  Here at APC the dish is elevated with chucks of foie gras and cheese curds.


Rich, decadent, so satisfying and definitely will give you a heart attack once you are done eating the dish.


The key is to make sure the fries are crispy an the gravy have to be flavorful and to top it of a delicious piece of Foie gras that is just melting in your mouth.


Foie Gras Cromesquis

A cromesquis is like a croquette with a crunchy exterior and a liquid center that’s supposed to explode in your mouth when you eat it. 

The inside is made with foie gras liquid-A must order!


Duck in a can-another dish that is well known and a must order.

First they bring out a dish with 2 piece toasted bread and celeriac purée and the waitress proceed to open the can in front of you.


Our waitress emptying the duck on the plate with the toasted bread underneath to soak up all the goodness....


Basically what you getting is half duck breast, a lobe of foie gras, balsamic demi glacé, cabbage, roasted garlic, and thyme all sealed up in a can and then cooked, sous vide for exactly 27 minutes. They open the can up right next to you at the table, flip it over, then gently shake everything out on top of two slabs of toast and celeriac purée.

We ordered 2 cans for 7 people

It is utter the most decadent dish ever!  It’s pure duck goodness, again the foie just  melt in your mouth and the duck is simply to die for.

So yummy!


Stuffed Pied de Cochon and Foie gras

Basically it is entire pork trotter deboned and stuffed with foie and mushrooms on top of a bed of mashed potatoes with caramelized onion, mushroom gravy and a large piece of Foie gras.

So decadent!


I have never eaten so much Foie gras in one seating!


Close look at the Stuffed PDC and Foie gras

This is a famous dish at PDC but for me it was just ok but you have to order it just to have the experience.



Maple pudding Chomeur and lemon pie

Our waitress told us to order the maple pudding chomeur as it is a staple in Canada.  The dessert resemble a toffee pudding vanilla cake cooked in a creamy maple sauce-Very yummy!


Maple Crème Caramel

Maple syrup and cream to put in your coffee


What a meal!  We were so glad we ate here with Phuc and his family as we get to share so many wonderful and memorable dishes.  If there is only the 2 of us we would not be able to try so many dishes.  APC is famous for their foie gras and boy they did not disappoint.  By the time we are done with the meal, our body probably went into shock with such a rich meal and foie gras galore but it is such a memorable meal!  What a delighful meal with great friends, full of fat but so flavorful that you forget everthing.... The vibe is friendly and very lively, very good service. 

I definitely recommend you stop by if you get a chance to go to Montreal.


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