Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Montreal, Canada

Breakfast/lunch & Beer with Kevin- 9/27/2019


We are early riser so we stopped by a coffee shop for coffee and a quick breakfast.

This coffee shop is not too far from our apartment and it is a really friendly and warm place to start the day.


The counter and coffee bar


A scone for me and Hoa to share and coffee...


After breakfast we had a few hours to kill before meeting with Phuc/Huyen and the family for lunch.



Very nice neighborhood.

We got to the restaurant early and here is Phuc, Catherine, Anthony, and Huyen walking in.


This is a Vietnamese restaurant owned by Luong Hien's childhood friend.  Luong Hien and Khiem are so kind to include us into this luncheon.  


Special table reserved for our group.


Group portrait-We had a really good time.

We had Pho and Cha gio both are specialty of the house and Luong Hien's friend insisted that the meal is on the house.


Beer with Kevin

Kevin drove from Albany, New York to be with us for a few days so the first stop is having a beer before heading to our dinner reservation

Pit Caribou is microbrewery in the Plateau neighborhood and about 10 minutes walk from our apartment.


It is a very popular place.  Kevin found it on the internet and they got really good review for their beers.


It is around 6:00Pm and the place is packed with customers.


We were lucky to be the first in line and we waited maybe a couple of minutes to get a table.



Kevin and Hoa-so happy to see him in Montreal.



The menu for beer and snacks




I ordered a small snack as we have dinner reservation in about 1 hour or so.


This is an in-house smoked piece of mackerel an it was so delicious.  We were going to order another portion but we decided to same room for dinner tonight.


NEXT... Dinner at Tiradito





Our house


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