Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Montreal, Canada

Dinner at Tiradito- 9/27/2019

Tonight we have reservation at Tiradito.  Kevin went to this restaurant with his friends a while ago and they enjoyed the food here and he did not mind coming back.

I also made the reservation here because it is a nice change from French/Canadian food we have been having during this trip.

Tiradito is a blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. That mix may sound unusual but not so, as it’s a style of cuisine known as “Nikkei” based on Peruvian ingredients but prepared with Japanese techniques. Dating back over a century to the large influx of Japanese workers in Peru, this fusion of two culinary traditions gained international accolades thanks to several famed chefs, starting with sushi master Nobu Matsuhisa (know as Nobu).


The entrance of the restaurant.

Tiradito is named after a Peruvian dish similar to ceviche, but sliced like sashimi, and covered in a spicy sauce.


The restaurant view from the street.


The restaurant has a large window in the front that you can see people dining inside.


View of inside the restaurant from the street.


Waiting to be seated.. too bad Kevin closed his eyes here.


This is what you see when you walk in the restaurant. 

The space is unusual with high-ceiling and a large open kitchen in the center with sixty seats around the perimeter, most of which are stools.


This is a very different dinning experience with bar seating only but you get to order the food with the chef standing in front of you.


  Lights are low and the music is loud but you can still have a conversation and not having to scream to be heard. 


The menu


Checking out the menu...


 Tiradito has a new concept and has operated without servers, instead using chefs as all-purpose staff, mixing drinks and carrying plates on top of their cooking and plating duties.


Hoa ordered a Kyushu made with pisco La Botija, sake, apérol, ancho reyes, red vermouth. 

The chef told us that this is a twist between Negroni & Old Fashioned with a flair of spice.


Causa de Pulpo, Octopus,  emulsion of black olives from Botija, Tobiko, flavored with togarashi (a Japanese mix of chili peppers) and Peruvian panca pepper,

 The deep-fried octopus pieces where placed on a pool of dark sauce, covered in a spoonful of a mayonnaise and set around quenelles of avocado purée.


It is hot and cold, crisp and soft, spicy and buttery, all at the same time.  Very lovely dish.


Scallop a la Chlaca, red onions, tomatoes, Hondashi ginger



Spicy and the onion relish gives a nice boost of acidy and flavor-perfect with a cold beer.



Frites de Yuca-Yuca French Fries


The yuca was crispy just the way I like it and served with Amarillo emulsion and Latino cheese.



Duck Antichucho, aji Panka, cumin, smoked paprika.


This is really delicious!


Ceviche, catch of the day, leche de tigre

Laced with aji amarillo chili pepper, a popular ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, the ceviche consisted of delicate chunks of snapper bathed in a citrus sauce and topped with fat kernels of "cholo" (Peruvian corn) and also fried corn.


Pollo Frito, crispy chicken, salsa criolla, Huacatry dressing


The Chicken is fried and tasted like a Chinese dish but they served it wit salsa criolla which is made with Peruvian pepper and Lime salsa (like an onion relish) which totally worked to cut down the fat from the fried chicken.


Gaspor Farm Chicharron -Ham hock, soya, ginger


In case you are wondering what is a ham hock, it is cut from the bottom half of the pork leg, it’s a chunky, 4-inch section of bone surrounded by collagen, connective tissue, and some meat, all encased in a thick band of fat and skin. Hocks are typically cured with salt and smoked, so they’ll lend a bacony flavor to whatever you add them to.

Here it is braised then broiled at the end so the skin is crispy.

The portion was too big and we could not finish it and it was also super rich.


I really like Tiradito, the ambiance is lively, and I like the concept of eating small plates.  Everything was delicious, the service is also great.


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