Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Quebec City, Canada

Cidrerie Domaine Steinbach , Île d'Orléans - 9/24/2019

Domaine Steinbach is a 15 minute drive from the old Québec and a 5 minute drive from the Île d'Orléans bridge and located on Chemin Royal in the town of Saint-Pierre.


View of St Laurent River from the Cidrerie Domaine Steinbach


Cidrerie Domaine Steinbach was founded by Belgian's Claire and Philippe Steinbach. After turning 40 they decided to sell everything they owned and moved to Île d'Orléans.

Today, their fully organic orchard site occupies 15 hectares along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and hosts a 4,000-apple tree orchard.


The property is huge but the house is long but really narrow.  The entrance is really small.


Welcome sign to the Domaine Steinbach


Since the house is so tiny, Hoa is just checking out if this is the right place for cider tasting.


As soon as you walk in you see a small open kitchen with their local products.


Tasting menu


This is the interior displaying all the products they made.

On display you can see homemade Duck rillettes, maple syrup and onion marmalade, and award-winning ciders.


Here I am checking out their products!


Variety of ciders

Jam and  Jellies-Really delicious!


They also make their own mustard and vinegar...


Hoa tasting some cider


Actually, we were both surprised as how good the ciders are .


Gift basket, nice but too big to bring home.


You can also tasting by the glass

We bought the bottle in the middle because it is pairing well with Foie Gras and we also bought a different cider that they also recommended with Foie Gras.


Île d'Orléans


We drove a bit further at the tip of Île d'Orléans where the view of the city is fantastic.


This is a restaurant with a huge parking lot over looking at the Saint Laurent river.


View of Quebec City from Île d'Orléans


Very nice view!



Driving back to Quebec City by crossing the Île d'Orléans bridge


From the bridge you can see the Montmorency waterfalls in the distance.


Heading to Quebec City.


Stopping by Paillard boulangerie for coffee.  I first I thought it belongs to Francois Payard, a famous French pastry chef but then I realized the spelling was not quite the same.


Inside the boulangerie/coffee shop


The shop is huge!

I just had coffee and a chouquette for a quick snack.


Interesting oven!



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Our house


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