Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Quebec City, Canada

Montmorency waterfalls Park- 9/24/2019


The Montmorency waterfalls is one of the province’s most impressive natural site. The breathtaking waterfall located at the mouth of the Montmorency River where it empties into the St. Lawrence River is 272 foot high. That’s 98 foot higher than Niagara Falls but it is considerably narrower. This is the highest waterfall in the province of Québec and the eighth-highest in Canada.

The waterfall is located inside a Park and it is open all year round.

We arrived to the park early in the morning and there are about 3 others cars parking beside ours.  We had the park pretty much to ourselves.


There are a variety of activities at the park, including hiking trails, three playgrounds, two bike paths and a double zip line.

This is the trail leading to the waterfall.



View of the St. Laurence river from above.


On the left you can see Victoria Bridge linking Montreal to the south shore city of Saint-Lambert.



This is at the bottom of the waterfall where it is meeting with the St. Lawrence River


We are standing just next to the waterfall.


You cannot believe the amount of water that is running down and the sheer velocity.


From the top of the cliff, the zip line allows two people to simultaneously cross the cove of the falls (nearly 1,000 foot) to the La Baronne viewpoint.


You see the zip line in this picture and on top of the waterfall is the panoramic bridge.


Gazebo so that people can take pictures of the waterfall.


View of the waterfall from the gazebo looking down.


Amazing view

We are now going to the panoramic bridge located on top of the waterfall.


View from the panoramic bridge


Montmorency river in the background looks so calm until it hits the first drop and then water just descend without constraint.


Amazing View and the sound of the water pouring down is also deafening.


Panoramic bridge crossing the whole length of the waterfall.










We crossed the bridge and this is the view from the other side.


This is the beginning of the waterfall, the first drop is not very deep.


Next... The other side of the waterfall




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