Las Vegas- 6/16 -6/18/2014

Day 1:Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi Day 2: Shopping/Dinner/Michael Jackson show


The arrival

Knowing that Las Vegas is on Georges' bucket list Hoa him that we take a special trip to Vegas so that his dream can become a reality.

 Vegas has so many shows, entertainment, great restaurants, shopping and so many things to see that 2 days is barely enough to see a small portion of Vegas.

I reserved Paris Hotel for our stay because I like it that it is in center of the Strip and it is easy and convenient to hop from casino to casino.

View of Paris Hotel across the street close to the Bellagio hotel.


A replica of the Tour Eiffel about half the scale of the real thing in Paris, France.



This is the sign of Paris casino Resort in Las Vegas.  You can't miss it.


Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi

We arrived in Las Vegas around 6:00PM just enough time to check in, take a quick shower and then we headed to Dinner.

Mon Ami Gabi is an authentic classic French restaurant with a great view if you are sitting in the Patio area and the food is also pretty good.

It is always busy so I made reservation ahead of time so we don't have to wait.

This is the view of the restaurant located on the main Strip where people can see the Bellagio fountain while dinning.


Entrance of the restaurant inside the hotel.


Nice picture of Hoa and Georges.

The three sisters together: Canh, Mai, and Chi be.

Canh and Chi Be reviewing the pictures they took on their Iphone.

Mon Ami Gabi is a huge restaurant with many seating sections.  Our table was in one of their largest room and this is a view from our table. 

The restaurant is really cozy and friendly with a very tall ceiling adorned with colorful modern lighting.

This is the Patio another dining section behind us overlooking the Strip. The patio has the advantage of a great view of Las Vegas Boulevard and it is located  directly across the street from the famous Bellagio fountains with more than a thousand fountains dancing to music ranging from Pavarotti to Sinatra.  It is pretty impressive especially if this is the first time you get to see it.  Guests can also see Ceasar's palace, and the Cosmopolitan.


Shredded carrots and apple salad compliment of the chef. 

Mon Ami Gabi are know for their bread.  It is brought to the table piping hot and they are so delicious.

I ordered a bunch of appetizers to share...


Frisee, Kale & warm bacon salad with a soft poached egg

Escargot de Bourgogne, oven roasted snails in garlic herb butter.

Smoked salmon, brioche, Crème fraîche, red onion, capers.

I did a good job and pick out of the Appetizers.  All of them were excellent and it was a great way to start a meal.


Cheers to a good time.


 Most of us ordered the Ribeye steak with French Fries.


Mai ordered the salmon but they made a mistake and brought out the snapper.

It wasn't very good so we sent it back.  The waiter was very nice he took it back and apologized profusely.


A few minutes later the Lemon Salmon with asparagus and peas was brought out.

The salmon was a lot better than the snapper.  The salmon has a nice crush on top but the inside was still medium rare, moist and it was so delicious.


After dinner we walked to Caesar's Palace and here we are just fooling around.  They wanted to take a picture with Celine Dione in the back ground.


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