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Dinner at Sardines, Cannes-7/31/2018

This is our last evening in Cannes and we absolutely did not any plans for dinner so we wandered around in search of a restaurant that will catch our eyes.  We passed by Sardine and we remembered that it was on our list of recommendation from Valerie (the lady we rented the villa from).  She did such a job recommending a few restaurants so we all decided to give it a try.

Without a reservation we asked if we could get a table for 4 for tonight.  Good thing it was fairly early and the restaurant was not full yet but a lot of tables were already reserved.


They gave us a choice to sit inside or outside.  No brainer here, we all opted to sit outside so we can see people going by and it was also a hot evening.

There is no AC inside the restaurant so al fresco is lot beter.


The menu

Simple candle light

Smoked Salmon pâté with toasted bread compliment of the house.

Hoa and Minh ordered a bottle of white wine for the evening.



Sautéed Razor Clams with Lemon, parsley, Garlic and  Butter -€16

So delicious and fresh that we ordered another portion right after finishing the first dish.

Seared raw Tuna in sesame seeds, Mango, diced tomatoes, chili, green salad-€24

Baked sea bass, Tomatoes, potatoes with a white wine sauce - €29


Salmon Tartar- €22

Grilled sardines, Espelette chili, Fresh tomatoes, parsley, green onions- €16


As we were eating along and watching people going by... We all noticed a lady (purple dress) sitting not too far from out table and we were all comenting that the French are so elegant and classy. 

She represent the typical French women with so much charm and a touch of elegance!

We zoomed her in without her knowledge and took a picture!  Pretty woman.


By the time we are almost finish with our dinner the area was filled with people. 

All the tables were taken so we were thankful to get a table here.

Coffee and dessert! 

We did not want to leave as the place is so much fun and it was the perfect spot to spend an evening here.

The waiters knew we were Americans (good tipper usually) so they took really good card of us.


Hoa and Minh some Limoncello so we can linger here a bit longer...


The waiter came by to clean our table but we really enjoyed our last evening here and we lingered for a bit longer...

The weather, atmosphere, and surrounding were just perfect for our last evening in Cannes! So happy we found this place.

See how busy it became! This was maybe around 9ish and people are just starting to enjoy their meal.


Lights are turned on as the sun was going down, and the whole area became very lively.


Once we pay and left, the waiters called us back because they were really happy with their tips and insisted that we come inside the restaurant the take a picture.

By the way, nobody wanted to sit inside as the weather is so nice outside.

One last picture before we are taking off...

Notice the lady in purple behind us...(on the left)


On our way back to our villa we passed by Bobo.  We went there for lunch recently and like it there too.

We also found out that Bobo and Sardine are owned by the same people so they are sisters restaurant.

Tomorrow morning we are taking an early train to Paris so we called it a night!
We really had a great time here in the South of France.


NEXT.... Dinner at Chateaubrian, Paris





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