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Lunch at Bobo,Cannes -7/27/2018


We are invited to dinner at the villa that Julie and Jeremie rented in Antibes this evening.  We had pretty the whole day to ourselves so are walking around Cannes and having lunch at Bobo Bistro.  Bobo was recommended by out landlady and she said that we have to give it a try.

We got to the Bobo at exactly Noon and there are barely anybody in there.

We asked for a table for 6 people and the hostess asked us if we have a reservation and we told her "no".  All of us were just thinking there are nobody here so do we really need a reservation.

Anyway, she led us all the way inside the restaurant and gave us a really nice table.

The front of the restaurant.


View of the restaurant from out table.

Like I said we there are only us and this table in the whole restaurant.


This picture was taken when we were done with out lunch and to our surprise this place was totally full!
Good thing we got there early, if not we probably will not get a table.

Colorful decorations on the wall.  Looks to me like reel of sewing threads


The place is really cozy and really friendly.


Our table was close to the kitchen and the bar.


The menu


Simple and rustic flatware setting.

Cold beer-cheers!

Compliment of the house, piping hot cheese and tomato pizza- Really delicious, especially when you are hungry.



Tomato, burrata, and basil

You can taste the freshness of the tomato and the burrata.

Simple but so delicious.

Sardines with toast


Simple preparation but so tasty!


Linguine with Clams


Roasted organic chicken with mashed potatoes.


Hand cut beef tartare with olives, capers & Parmesan


Beef tartare

Salmon tartar & avocado


The salmon tartare is served with a plate of Bulgur Tabouleh


Table overview with all the food we ordered.


By the time we are done with our lunch, not much is left!

All of us really enjoyed the food here so our land lady did a good in recommending this restaurant.


Dessert tray looks amazing!


We picked the panna cotta with a salted caramel sauce and it turned out to be way to sweet.


Of course we have to end our meal with a good cup of coffee!

The decoration at Bobo is really warm and cozy.

Really nice.

Leaving the restaurant now... Until the next time.


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