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Walking around Cannes -7/27/2018

After lunch we had a few hours to kill so we walked around the Vieux port (old port) in Cannes.  On the way there, we saw an open air market and we decided to look around.

This vendor has interesting vintage Chanel necklace but they wanted a lot of money for it so it was not worth it.


Loan is trying on a vintage Hermes belt just for fun....


We are now walking toward the Vieux port (old port).


Ahead of us is the vieux Cannes (old Cannes) perched up on hill.

The view there must be magnificent.  It was too hot for us to walk up there and we did not have enough time.


Be Loan, Chi Be, and me at the Old port also known as the Port de Cannes.


Here is an Arial picture of the old port so you can see have an idea of the whole area.



Port of Cannes is a modern and fully-equipped port that welcomes yachts to its marinas in the heart of the French Riviera


Quai Saint Pierre, it is for boats that are 10 to 25 meters long and a wide range of large sailing and motor boats.




As you turn the corner this area is for large boats.

This area is called the super yachts extension with luxurious boats of 25 to 55 meters



All the boats are really nice.





We are now leaving the old port and walking toward a large park close by.

Loan having fun by taking a picture with Marilyn Monroe's body.


This is small park across from the old port over looking at the Gulf of the Napoule.


Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'arc) was only 17 years old when she heard voices from God, which told her to seize back French land from the English in the north of France. She sacked the local castle, was sent to the court of Charles and helped him push back most of the English from Orléans and more than 170 miles of territory. She has come to symbolize a lot for the French and many cities honor her with statues. This was designed by sculptor Maxime Real del Sarte in 1950Located on Place Jean Hibert.


We are now walking toward Avenue du Midi Jean Hibert.

There are a lot of restaurants and stores on this avenue.

It was hot! 

That's all the time we had today.  We are heading back to the villa we rented, rest a bit, and get ready for the welcome party at 4:00PM


NEXT.... Welcome Party





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