Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/27/2018

Welcome party

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Julie and Jeremie got married in a small ceremony at City Hall in the 16th arrondissement, Paris.

Jeremie's dad, Julie, Jeremie, and Cang, Julie's mom.

Congrats to the newly wed!


Melanie, Julie, and Elsa



Vive les mariés! -Hooray to the newly wed!

A week later, Julie & Jeremie are having a welcome party for family members and close friends at a beautiful villa they rented in Antibes in the south of France.

The villa is perched up a hill over looking the city and the Mediterranean sea.


Tables and chairs are set up for dinner.


Tables are set up next to the infinity pool-pretty cool!



Guests have a great view while dining.



We were the first few to arrive at the villa.


Group pictures of the ladies:

Tutu, Cang, Me, Loan, Dung (George's sister), Chi Be, and Catherine.


Dung, her husband and Chi Be.



George, Me, Loan, and Minh



Hoa and his nieces: Tutu and Catherine.

Hoa and his sister Cang.

The kids are changing into their bathing suit...

It was a very hot day so the kids are really enjoying the pool.


Snacks and drinks in the main living room of the villa.



Jeremie and I


The adults mingling...


Whiskey/Beer for the men....




Getting ready for dinner...


Next.... Dinner




Our house


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