Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/27/2018

Welcome party-dinner

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Dung and George sitting down for dinner.


We were told to sit anywhere so we choose the end of the table.


Chi Be, Me, Loan, Mai, and Catherine.

Here we are at the end of the table.  Once Jeremie's mom saw us sitting all the way at the end she requested us to move to main table to be closer....


This is the main table and Jeremie's dad was preparing to do a wine ceremony.


Waiting for everyone to settle down....  You can see Hoa/Minh on the right corner moving to the main table.


However, there are a lot of people so a bit of coordination is needed.


Preparing for the wine ceremony.

Toan seems to be happy here...





The kids.


Jeremie's dad reciting in Hebrew the wine ceremony.


Wine ceremony.



Once the ceremony is over the wine goblet is pass around the whole table.

Here is Julie's turn to drink.

Once she is done she will pass it to the next person next to her. 

My turn...


Mai's turn.


Dinner is served!


The meal was prepared by Jeremie's mom.  She served us couscous and she have a bunch of appetizers and starters catered for the occasion.

Once dinner was over, Jeremie's friends started having fun by jumping in the pool.

I was a very hot evening so jumping in the pool is refreshing.  Thank god they only target the younger crowd!

  Like it or now you will get wet!  Even the girls were thrown in the pool.  They will let the girl go change briefly so that their dresses are not ruin...


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