South of France

Saint Paul de Vence-7/30/2018

The Village

It was around lunch time now and we are walking around looking for a place to eat.

We met this friendly sharpei who was walking around town with his owner without a leash.  He has a funny face but so friendly and anybody could touch him.


We stumbled on this little shop selling sandwiches and we decided to check it out.

Once you buy the food you can seat at the terrace just outside the shop.


It is small but very charming.


In the inside they had all kind of sausage/ham.  We were totally sold once we saw the way they prepare their sandwiches!

Everything here is fresh, locally make, and artisanal.

Since we did not want to eat that much we ordered a few sandwiches and share them amongst the five of us.


The bread was delicious, mozzarella was fresh and the sausage and ham were so tasty! 

It was an excellent choice!

Most the people you see in Saint Paul de Vence are all tourists!


After Lunch we just walked around the village to check out the little shops.


Here you have a view of the fortified wall surrounding the village.

The village is very picturesque with lots of cute shops.

A typical, well-preserved street in St. Paul de Vence.



The fountain is situated in the heart of the town

The great Fountain was built in 1615 by Martin Melchior, a stonemason in the village and classified since 1850 . It inspired many painters and photographers. The fountain is Provencal style.


The well is probably very old and very well preserved.  No longer in use as it was covered with wrought iron


Very nice door, well preserved.

There are lots of art galleries and art work in Saint Paul de Vence.

The town is proud of its well-preserved old town, most of the houses date back from the 16-18 centuries.






This is really picturesque!



That the end of our visit and now we are back to the entrance of the village.

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