Welcome party for Chi Be - 5/4/08

Hoa's oldest sister, Chi Be is here for a short visit so to welcome her to our house we are throwing her a welcome party! Since she landed on mid day Saturday and we know she would be too tired to enjoy a party on Saturday we settle for a lunch amongst family and friends on Sunday.  It was also a beautiful day to eat in the back yard.

Setting up the table for kids!  They like to have their own area.  We are expecting at least 15 kids this afternoon.

Setting up the adult section. I need to set up a few tables so everyone can sit down and enjoy their lunch.


Here is a better view of the adult section.  Two tables are reserved for us.

Me, Mo Hoang, Chi Be, and Cau Hoang before the arrival of all the guests. 

Setting up the food table.

Here the lunch Menu!

Lunch is ready! The theme today is Lao Food.

The line for food is starting.

from the left: BBQ beef tongue, Sticky rice, Nem Tha Dua (Crispy rice with Nem Chua), Marinated BBQ Chicken Wings, Mango salad, Larb Moo ( Pork Salad)

Not seen on this picture is the Papaya Salad and Heavenly beef (Fried sun dried beef).

Everyone is now getting in line to get the food.  It is around 1:00PM now and it looks like we have a hungry crowd!


Good view of most of all the guests.

Next....Sitting down



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