Jing'an Temple, Shanghai- 2/18/2023

Jing'an temple meaning Temple of Peace and Tranquility is a Buddhist temple located on West Nanjing Road and is one of the most famous temple in Shanghai. 

Jing‘an Temple was initially built in the 3rd century on the bank of the Wusong River, during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). Back then it was named Hudu Chongyuan Temple. In the 12th century, during the Southern Song Dynasty, it was moved to its present location and it slowly became a popular place of worship.

During the Cultural revolution (1966) the temple was razed and turned into a plastic factory. In 1983 the site was returned to its original purpose and temple was rebuilt and was expanded over the years. Today Jing'an stand out as it is surrounded by skyscrapers and fancy shopping malls.


View of Jing'an temple from the 2nd floor of a shopping center.


View of Jing'an temple from the street and modern skyscraper in the back ground.



Jing'An temple is located in the heart of Shanghai and surrounded by traffic.


You cannot miss the temple with all the golden roof and tower shinning it the distance.


View of Jing'an temple from across the street.


Jing'an temple and all the skyscrapers in the back ground.


Next to Jing'an temple is a huge square with lots of shops and restaurants.


Pillar with golden lions is located outside of the temple near the main gate.


Side view of the front entrance


Main entrance


When you get in the first thing you see is a big courtyard.


View of the entrance in the center from the main courtyard.


On the left is a tall iron urn topped with a pagoda shape for people to pray. I also saw a lot of people throwing coins inside for luck.

On the right is a large incense burner


People burning their incense


The use of incense sticks symbolizes the burning of negative feeling to reveal the pure self within


Stairway to the main prayer hall


Steps to the main prayer hall


Above is the Prayer hall


View of the main courtyard from the steps of the Prayer hall.


Huge painting inside the Praying hall.


Massive 15 tons Buddha in the main Mahavira hall.


Close view of Giant Buddha


Hall of Guanyin with a high Burmese white Jade Sakyamuni (left)  in the side halls and on the right a Gyanyin statue carved from a 1,000 year old Camphor tree.



Inner courtyard of the temple


Courtyard inside Jing'an temple



Side view of the Main yard.



I like the contrast of the old temple vs. the modern skyscraper surrounding the temple.



Golden roof behind us.


Beautiful gold rooftop.


Intricate woodwork inside the temple,


Hallway inside the temple.



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