Xinchang Ancient watertown, Shanghai -5/6/2023

Xinchang town Alleys and Canals Small streets and market

Xinchang Ancient town is located in the Shanghai Pudong district and about 22 miles from the city center.  The Shanghai Metro covers a vast area and it only takes about 30 to 40 minutes subway ride to get to Xinchang. 

Xinchang literally means “new place”.  The town used to be a salt field in the early part of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Xinchang began to thrive thanks to salt and more and more salt merchants settled here.  Xinchang’s restaurants and theaters grew and the town’s prosperity became well known. Unfortunately, salt farms became less important over time and wars brought devastation. Xinchang has nevertheless kept its original lifestyle and traditions, and is now a living demonstration of how ancient people lived.

Main street leading to the ancient town.


Huge Gate at entrance.


This gate is famous in Xinchang. 


The first thing you see when entering the ancient town is the old town street which is a long alley filled with shops selling souvenirs and food.


The front of a Museum.  All in Chinese so we don't really what type of museum it is.


Bronze sculpture of a man serving tea to a customer sitting at a table.


Bronze sculpture of a cobbler.


The front of the museum.


A typical house in Xinchang.


Steps to the famous Hongfu bridge.



Panoramic view of the bridge and the river on the left side.


Panoramic view of the bridge and the river on the right.


 The narrow river flows amid the old buildings with white walls and black tiles.




The town is very quiet and really beautiful.


The famous stone arch bridge in town.


This stone archway was originally built by a local in the Ming Dynasty.


After standing for more than 300 years, it was demolished in 1974. The stone archway that you see now was rebuilt after 1974.



The town is very picturesque.




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