Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Cavtat, Croatia -5/17/2019

Cavtat is a costal town on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, located between Dubrovnik and the airport in the south of the Croatian mainland. It is lesser known than the Old town in Dubrovnic and nearby resorts and as result the peaceful town is a quieter holiday destination that has retained its small town local fee Cavtat (pronounced Tsav-tat) is an ideal base from which to explore this stunning part of Croatia.   

There are a few harbors is Cavtat and this is the 1st one you will see once you park your car.


Very nice and really clean.


Quiet town with beautiful vistas.


Lots of boats and yachts in the harbor .

 Ivan seafood restaurant a family own restaurant for over 20 years an it is very famous.


As we are walking in further it seems like the town is catered to tourists as there are so many restaurants,


They are very nice but it is around 3:00pn and we are not ready to eat yet.


Here is the 2nd harbor with a very nice waterfront promenade lined with lots restaurants facing the harbor.


Statue of Baltazar Bogisic 1834-1908 in the main square.


Baltazar Bogisic was born in Cavtat and was a distinguished erudite, jurist, and scholar of European repute and a collector and bibliophile. 


Harbor of Luka bay.


The church of St. Nicolas located right in the center of the town and overlooking the Luka bay.


The parish church of St. Nicolas was built in the 15th century and later rebuilt a number of times.


The interior is Baroque style filled with many valuable work of art from well known painter such as Vlahos Bukova, the Baroque master of the Bologna school Benedetto Genarri, the Sicilian painter Carmelo Reggi and more.






View of the Luka bay as you are getting off the church.


Steps leading to the house where Cavtat's most famous son, the painter Vlaho Bukovac (18551922)


Vlaho Bukovac was born and raised in this house and it has been converted into an interesting little museum devoted to his work. The early-19th-century architecture provides a fitting backdrop to his mementoes, drawings and paintings.


Port of Cavtat is so charming and this is the main promenade.


Yatchs and more yatchs...


Very quaint little town with lots of restaurants, wine bar, bistros, etc..


This is a really nice view of the harbor.



Further down the harbor is the Franciscan monastery and our Lady of the Snow Church.


Very simple entrance to the church which is attached to this Franciscan Monastery (founded in 1484)


There are some notable early Renaissance painting inside the church.


On top of the Altar you can see a wonderful Bukovac canvas depicting the Madonna and Child gazing at Cavtat at dusk.


The Altar

Statue of a Franciscan priest.


The organ high above.


16th-century triptych by artist Vicko Lovrin

Confessional pew.


The outside wall of the Monastery


View of harbor of Luka bay from the far end of the promenade.


Colorful boats


It is so quite here that birds are resting without any fear.


The main promenade on Cavtat.


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