Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Lapad, Croatia-5/17/2019

We are now staying in Lapad a residential suburb of Dubrovnik that lies about 3km northwest of the Old Town. One you visited the Old town, there is not need to go back there as it is so crowded and no car is allowed in the city. 

We selected Lapad neighborhood because it is relatively compact and we can stroll from the beach to a restaurant to our apartment very easily.  Parts of Lapad are pedestrian only and that is where we are headed tonight.


We are now entering the pedestrian promenade.  This area is about 10/15 minutes walk from our apartment so it is really convenient.


Very nice and lively area with lots of restaurants.


This is bistro and Pizzeria.  It is still early so people are not dining yet.


Hotel Zagreb,  A three-star hotel in a pink neo-classical villa, set in a garden planted with palms and magnolia trees.


Beautiful walk way....


The pedestrian-only street is lined with Aleppo pines and white globe street lamps, and overlooked by a string of cafés and pizzerias. The walkway leads directly down to Lapad Bay with its pebble and sand beach.

There is also a Tennis clay court.


I am sure you can pay to play here.

At the end of the promenade you will see the beach.


Beach bar on Sunset beach.


This area is really nice.  We will definitely come back tomorrow during day time to discover the beach.


Nice view of the bay while dining here.


I am sure it is really crowded here in the summer and it should be a lot of fun hanging around here.


We walked around and we found this little restaurant on the pedestrian promenade.




I ordered some roasted fish with roasted vegetables.


The food here is rustic and just okay.


We also share a pizza.  The Pizza was really good.



Next...Breakfast/Scenic walk trail





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