Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Lapad, Croatia-5/18/2019
Breakfast and Scenic walking trail

We walked around the neighborhood and found this really nice coffee shop.


The coffee shop was very cozy.


Light breakfast with pastries, orange juice, and coffee.  Coffee was really good!


After a quick breakfast we are headed to Setnica (scenic) walking trail.


This area is for pedestrian only and it is such a lovely walk.


Clear blue water...


The water is so clear that you can even see tiny fish swimming around.


Beautiful view and so serene.

It was still fairly early so there are barely anybody around yet.



This is right at the start to the trail.

I am sure this apartment has killer view of the waterfront.


Wooden pier for people to fish.



Tree growing amongst rocks.




Really gorgeous view.



Looking out to the sea from the walk way.






There are tiny little man made beach for people to stop by to sunbathe.


It is man made but I think they did a good job blending in with the surrounding.


Check out this view...


There are also lots of nice hotels  and this one of the terrace where people can stop by for drinks/Snacks/Coffee, etc...






This is a hotel terrace and workers are tearing it down to make it more accessible for their clients.


This is another hotel terrace with pool.  Part man made and part natural.


Next...Scenic walk trail continuation





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