Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Lapad, Croatia-5/18/2019
Scenic walking trail/Port Gruz

Nice view


This is another hotel on the left but the beach is open to the public.





After the lady left, we went down and stay a few minutes on the beach.
Felt like a private beach since we were the only 2 people there.


Restaurant along the way...



Boat dropping people off for snorkeling





Nice little opening in the rock.


Bar/restaurant right on the waterfront.




An array of Gin on display from a bar.  The waiter was kind enough to let us take a picture of his tray.



The trail is over and We are now going back.



Sunset beach.


Port Gruz

After our scenic walk, we stop by Port Gruz located down town of Lapad.

This is the end of the port on Obala Stjepna Radica walkway.


Lots of boats around...



Very peaceful and beautiful view of the bay.


Next...Dinner at Pantarul





Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin