Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Budva, Montenegro -5/17/2019

After Kotor we drove to Budva, a mall costal town famous for a great number of beaches and hotels making it a desirable tourist destination. 

Budva is on the central part of Montenegrin coast, called "Budvanska Riviera". It has developed around a small peninsula, on which the old town is situated. It is by far most visited destination in Montenegro, attracting mostly domestic, Russian, Serbian and other Eastern European tourists with an old town, bars and nightclubs, and beaches mostly consisting of small rocks.

The drive from Kotor to Budva is about 30 minutes.


Panoramic view of  Budva from up above.


Budva is known for sandy beaches and nightlife.  There are least 10 beaches in Budva and we are just stopping at one of them.


The rock you see on the right is Sveti Nikola island Known locally as ‘Hawaii’, Sveti Nikola is Montenegro’s largest island, stretching to nearly 2km. Its rocky beaches make it a popular destination in the summer with lots of taxi boats to take people around.


The island has three sandy beaches whose combined length is 2,756 ft. The island itself is about  1km away from Budva. There are many small beaches around the island, accessible only by boat.


It is not summer yet so there are barely anybody on the beach...pretty nice!


It is around lunch time so we are looking around to find a good restaurant,


Behind me is the old town.


View of the old town and Sveti Nikola island from the beach.


We are now on Slovenska Obala promenade.


The restaurant you see is one of the most famous seafood in Budva so we definitely will give it a try.


You can seat inside the restaurant but we opted to eat outside.


The restaurant is really big with lots of seats overlooking the waterfront.


We asked to seat on the pier so we can enjoy the view.



It was a breezy day but the sun came out and it was really pleasant to sit outside.



View of the old town from out table.


Seafood amuse bouche, compliment of the house.


Beer for Hoa


Hoa and I we ordered a seafood pasta and it was delicious!

The seafood they used were so fresh and so sweet, smelling like the sea.. yummy.


The second dish we ordered was a stuffed grilled calamari with boiled potatoes and green vegetable


OMG, we definitely picked the right restaurant for lunch!


Simple dish with lots of flavors...


We ate everything on our plate... so delicious!

After lunch we drove back to Dubrovnik.  The drive is a bit over two hours.


We are now just getting out of Budva. 


The GPS took us to a really small road parallel to the coast line.


You can see here how narrow the street is.  As we were driving along we were hoping that there will be no car coming from the opposite side.


Two cars can barely pass by, good thing the red car is a really small car.


We went by lots of tiny towns and we were really nervous by now.  We cannot turned back and we cannot get off this road.  We kept driving for maybe 45 minutes and still there is no other road close by to get off.


Entering another tiny town with only one main tiny main road.


Really narrow road and we kept hoping there is a way to get off...

In the end, we got off the road and made it to a freeway but we were pretty nervous as we kept driving through small towns totally in the boonies.



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