Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split-Blue cave and 5 islands speed boat tour-5/15/2019

Hvar island, Harbor and Main Square

Panoramic view from the shore of Hvar.


The water is so blue and clear.



This is the beginning of the harbor.


Private yachts parking along the harbor.



Kevin and Hoa admiring the yachts.


This is the central point of Hvar called the pjaca, or main square

 This is the largest square in Dalmatia with an area covering 45,000 square feet.


In the far end is the 16th-century St Stephen cathedral.


The cathedral was erected on the foundations of a gothic sanctuary and elegantly marries Renaissance and baroque styles. Although damaged by a Turkish raid in 1571, it was rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries.

A stray cat resting comfortably.  There are so many stray cats in Croatia.


 Originally part of the bay, the land was filled in and fully paved in 1780.


 In the summer, the square is extremely busy, with all cafes and restaurants overflowing with tourists.

This is still the low season so the square is pretty empty.


This picture is taken from across the square (the square is in between the two buildings).


Park across from the square.


Statue of Ivan Vucetic, who was born on Hvar, before emigrating to Argentina, where he discovered dactyloscopy, the science behind fingerprinting.


Hoa found a bench in the park so that he can nap for 15 minutes.... old age!


Part of the harbor view from the park.

While Hoa is taking a nap ( I did too), Kevin is waiting patiently for us to wake up and hopefully energized and keep going....


Back to main harbor, it is also called the promenade.


We had like 20 minutes to kill so we decided to go back to the same restaurant to get something sweet and a cup of coffee.


We are now leaving Hvar.

On the left you can see the famous Tvrdalj castle up on the hill.  To get there you have to climb a lot of stairs and we opted to take a nap instead (old age).


This is our last island and we are now on our way back to Split.



Dad and son having fun on the boat.



We spend like 8-9 hours with our skipper and tour guide and to our surprise when the tour was over, only us and 2 other couples (all Americans) gave them a tip.

Nobody else did give them anything.  I guess only Americans are good tippers.


Next... Dinner at Trattoria Bajamont




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