Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split -Old town-5/14/2019

Dinner at Bokeria

If you are looking for a restaurant in Split, you will likely see Bokeria as it is listed in so many guides and it also a very popular place.

  Open in 2015, the owners of this place were inspired by Barcelona's famed market "La Boqueria" in Barcelona so they created the same vibe in their restaurant in Split. The menu includes a selection of Croatian tapas-style dishes, but also full meals. Menu changes seasonally. Excellent choice of Croatian wines!

Bokeria is located in the old town of Split. 


Two-story interior is beautifully decorated, modern and airy.


Our reservation was for 7:30PM and there are barely anybody in the restaurant at this point.


Campari and Aperol bottles ar stacked in a wooden cabinet against a wall.

Close look at the light fixture center piece in the middle of the room.


You can see the upstairs on the second floor.

Against the wall is a row of shelves stacked with liquor bottles.,


Wine display

Jamon hanging from the ceiling definitely gives you a Spanish vibe.


Our table.


Starters and main menu.

The menu includes a selection of Croatian tapas-style dishes, but also full meals. Menu changes seasonally.


Tony Bourdain is famous every where... here is the proof!


Hoa selected the best wine in the house which came highly recommended by our waiter.


Our waiter pouring the wine into a decanter...


The service is top notch!

Assortment of bread-compliment of the house.



We started with a beef Carpaccio with Dijon Mustard, Island Pag Cheese, Arugula, pickles onions, capers & horseradish.


"Rustico plate" for 2

Cheese selection, Dalmatian prosciutto, kalamata olives, homemade jam, prosciutto, walnut and dried figs pate

Both appetizers were delightful and go so well with the wine.


Our waiter explaining that all the ingredients are from local farmers and everything is made in house.







Kevin ordered the lamb shank, polenta stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, spinach,  pomegranate.


Very generous portion and also very tasty.



Hoa ordered the  grilled rib eye steak, demi glace, coleslaw and truffle mashed potatoes.


The steak was perfect with the wine we ordered!


For dessert we ordered a Panna cotta  and a hazelnut chocolate éclair.



Both dessert were delicious!


Ending the meal with a nice Americano coffee for me.



When we got here around 7:30PM there were barely anybody in here by 8:30pm the place is full and buzzing.

If you want to eat here make to reserve ahead of time as I saw them turning away so people as the restaurant was completely full.

Food is really good, wine is excellent, and service here is top-notch.  We really had a wonderful and memorable evening.



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