Gochi, Japanese fusion tapas - 4/4/09

 Gochi, short for "Gochisou", means treat or hearty meal in Japanese, is not your typical Japanese restaurant.  Gochi does not have sushi like you might expect from a Japanese restaurant, what they served are small plates, meant as appetizers so you will need to sample a bunch of dishes, from traditional Japanese food blended with contemporary fusion flavors.  Tonight we were very anxious to dine at Gochi! The restaurant is fairly small and getting a reservation for 16 people is not an easy task but Dung kept calling every week until Gochi was able to accommodate our group.  I think it took about 6 weeks in order for us to get a reservation for 16 people.

The outside of the restaurant is very simple and unpretentious but the food on the other hand is fantastic.

Gochi sign written in Japanese.


Here we are in the waiting room.  As you can see, the waiting area is pretty narrow and small so Hoa only could take the pictures of all the ladies....


View of the main dinning room

Beside the main dinning room, Gochi has a few Tatami rooms that can be partitioned into semi private room.  The rooms are separated by thin paper wall.

In order to get into the Tatami room, we all had to remove our shoes, so it takes a few minutes before all of us could be seated.

Huyen and I were the first to be seated.  The way our table was set up gave the impression of the traditional Japanese dinner style, where people would sit on their knees or cross legged.  But in reality it is just an illusion! we actually sat down normally, which is more comfortable than the traditional way.

Phuong, Hanh, and Ha

Thuy, Phuong, and Hanh

Ha and Maily

Dung, Tuan, and Duy

We decided that Dung do all the ordering for the group because he has been to this restaurant so many times and knows the menu pretty well.

Maily, Doan and Huyen removing their chop sticks from the wrapper.


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