1st dinner of the year chez Hanh/Tuan -01/3/09

The set up Dinner Birthday Behind the Scene


Tonight we are invited to Hanh and Tuan for a sit down dinner!  Tuan cooks for us maybe once or twice a year and each time it is a special deal.  All of us are so looking forward to this meal because we know it is going to be a feast!

 We are definitely starting the New Year with a Big Bang!

The set up

The table is beautifully set up for 18 adults.  Yep! this is a really a big affair.


This is the table for the kids.  I know.. There are lots of them too, about 16 kids or so...

Christmas tree is nicely decorated.  Hanh always buy a real tree.


Cocktails and Appetizers

Here Tuan is mixing his famous Cosmo cocktail for us.

We gathering around the Appetizers table
















Hanging around and catching up on the latest news.....

The kids watching  football on TV

The kids (well, technically they are no longer kids).

Hanh made a huge bowl of meat sauce spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic bread for the kids.


Next... Dinner for the adults



Our house


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