The Twins' Birthday Party - 5/19/07

Guest's arrival  The BBQ The kids A break  The cake

The guest's arrival

Huyen and Mai-Phuong

Tuan, Ken and Duy

Huyen having a great time slicing the skirt steak under Mai-Phuong's supervision! 

Mai Phuong is a great cook so she is completely at ease in the kitchen

Mai-Phuong, Mai-Ly, Huyen, Chau, Doan, Tuyet-Anh and I enjoying some appetizers and nice glass of wine

Tuan grilling some sausages for his special Choucroute (French for sauerkraut).

..A few beers, good food and good company will bring a smile to your face!

Cheers to Ken, Phuc and Duy!  Looks like they have the best sit at the Bar!

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