Post Holiday Party



This is the first week-end of 2006, and YES! we are having another get together.  This is a special get together because this is a collective effort and collaboration from Huyen, Hanh, Maily and myself to come up with the menu.   The party was co-hosted by Phuc/Huyen and us.  Phuc and Huyen threw a party in the summer but Phuc over cooked his famous (infamous now) steaks, so in order to get his reputation back,  we requested Phuc to have another cook off. 

 For this party, Phuc and Huyen were in charge of the entree and the main dish, I was in charge of the appetizers and desserts, Hanh and Maily was in charge of all the side-dishes. 

Hanh and Huyen sitting at the bar area.

My cousin Jason was in town so he stop by for the evening.

Maily and Doan enjoying a good cocktail.


Tuan is the best bar tender ever!  He makes the best Cosmopolitan, Martini, Sex on the beach, just to name a few.  We had to line up so he can prepare us a cocktail specially tailored to our liking and also to our alcohol tolerance. 


The gang enjoying a few appetizers, great drinks and lively conversation.


Maily prepared the famous "Serrano" sauce we had at Mesa Grill in Vegas, and Hanh brought a bunch of Sashimi to go with it. 

On the appetizers table: Escargots in brioche, Sashimi, Shrimps not set up yet!), Seared scallops with Cilantro pesto, Mushrooms Crostini, and chips and spinach dip.

Rachel is probably deciding which appetizers to get..





Our house


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