Holidays Dinner- 12/1/2012

Christmas decorations Table set up Appetizer/Kir Royal/Guests 5 course Dinner


Since we are having a 5 course dinner I decided to serve just one appetizer so our guests will have a chance to enjoy their meal.

I offered canned foie gras with lots and lots of black and white coarsely grounded peppers with caramelized pear.

Caramelized pear or apple are the best accompaniment for Foie Gras.


Kir Royal


 To keep up with the French Menu theme, we are serving Kir Royal for cocktail.

Kir royal is a very popular French Cocktail made with a measure of creme de cassis (Black currant liquor) topped with champagne.


Our guests

Juergen and Katherine

Anita posing next to the chimney

Anita and Perry


Anita, me, and Catherine in the kitchen



Our guests mingling with cocktail in hand...


Halal and Mo


Catherine, Juergen, and Patricia


Patricia, John, Conrad and Lucinda


Hoa and Conrad

Most of guests are not familiar with Kir Royal but by after drinking it they all enjoy it.

Next.. 5 course dinner



Our house


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