Christmas & the Holidays - 12/25/12

Table set up

Xmas Eve Dinner XMas Day Dinner with Kids Holidays dinner

Xmas Day- opening all the gifts.

It is our tradition to get up early and then to open all the gifts on Christmas day. 

We are early birds and we wake up around 6:00 ish had our coffee/Breakfast and wait until 7:00AM to wake up Kevin so that we can open all the gifts.  Once all the gifts are open Kevin simply go back to bed until noon or so.

Gathering around our small Christmas tree including Rocky.

Kevin is anxious to open his gifts so he can go back to sleep


Rocky is also participating in...

Rocky got two gifts this year.. Here he is sniffling and see what it is...

Kevin and I we are checking out our gifts


DVD from Kevin with Penn and Teller show: "B.S." which I never heard before.

Kevin also gave me a snow globe with Rocky's picture in it.

Here I am checking out the snow globe... It is actually really nice.

Kevin gave Hoa a 49ers T-shirt!

Kevin opening his gift... Rocking checking out Kevin...

Rocky tearing away the wrapping paper to get to his toy.

Sniffing his 1st gift.

Here I am showing Rocky his 2nd gift a push toy that looks just like him.

Hoa's turn to open my present.

I got him a really nice shirt.

I am opening my gift from Hoa.  A really nice coat (I love it).

Rocking and his new toys.

Rocky and his twin?

Rocky and his toys.

We opened all the gifts and now it is time to clean up...

Next.. Dinner with the kids



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