Christmas & the Holidays -12/24/12

Table set up

Xmas Eve Dinner XMas Day Dinner with Kids Holidays dinner

During the holiday season Kevin gets to go home for about 3 weeks and once he is at home he simply does not want to go anywhere!  His preference is to stay up as late as possible playing games and then wake up around noon, enjoy a good breakfast and just enjoy a good life at home. For Christmas Eve Dinner we all decided to stay home and have a nice home cook meal.

Setting up the table

15 minutes before dinner time I decided that we should set up the table to represent Christmas.  I just threw a few things together to make it festive.  Our house is fully decorated with Christmas decorations so I just pick and choose what is out there and just put them together in less than a few minutes.

Red napkins with green berries napkins ring to put all of us into a Christmas spirit.


I brought out my reindeer plats which I get to use only during the holidays!

A few Christmas decorations on the table.

Reindeer candle holder, decorative Christmas tree, and a few things on the table.

Setting up a table for three is so easy and so fast!  I spend less than 5 minutes to put everything together.


More views of the table....

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