Holidays Dinner- 12/1/2012

Christmas decorations Table set up Appetizer/Kir Royal/Guests 5 course Dinner

Winter has arrived and it is time to begin preparing for Holiday parties and Christmas events! The holiday season is the best time of year to open up our home to friends and family for a festive gathering. However it is a very busy time of year and a lot of people have family gatherings and Christmas party to attend so I make sure to send out invitation for the 1st day of December hoping that everyone will be able to make it.  Indeed, everyone was able to make it!

Tonight is a special night because this is the first time we are going to have Hoa's colleagues coming over for a 5 course sit down dinner.

Setting up the table

Since I never met Hoa's colleagues I wanted to have the right tablescape so that the dinner party becomes a visual event. Tablescapes dress up the dining table and when the decorations, the colors, and theme are carefully chosen it should wow your guests an give them something to talk about and it is a good conversation starter.

The first thing they see is my tablescape so it is important to offer a visually appealing table with fancy table cloths, glittering and sparkling decorations and of course a great dinning experience.


I usually set up my table at least 3 or 4 days before the party.  I start with the tablecloth and then I slowly incorporate the plates, the silverware and then I take a breather.

The following day I might take out a few decorations and throw them on the table just to have a visual idea how to transform it into something special.

It might take me 3 to 4 days to complete my design, but I take my sweet time so not stress what so ever!

For this event I wanted something really festive and to me the color of holiday season is all about white/silver, red and green.

I started with a white table clothe and just built layer on top.


Dinner menu are printed and are nicely resting on silver charger.

Close look at the menu


Close look at an individual plate setting

More views of the tablescape.


Red wine glass, White wine glass, and water glass goblet are brought out for the occasion.

Centerpiece with all silver glittering branches and leaves.

Name tags are also printed out!

Lots of festive decorations in the center of the table.

Now that you have seen the tablescape let's move on to the appetizer and guests.

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