4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018



View of Aqua City from the Park.


Aqua city (shopping center) in the back.


This is the food court inside Aqua city.


In this area there are only restaurants selling ramen... Long line


We pick one that has a long line so for sure the food will be good.


Hoa is trying to figure out the buy but we are having a hard time figuring out what to do so the couple next to us help us.


Since they helped us ordering lunch, I asked them if I could have a picture with them which they gladly complied.


Hoa and I in front of the restaurant


Small menu but everything here is good.


The dinning room


The kitchen


We both ordered the same thing: Miso soup broth, ramen, and roasted pork.

Really delicious!


A cold beer to go with the ramen.


We are now out at the walkway leading to buildings and shopping centers.



The Flame of Freedom was donated to Japan from France to commemorate the French Year in Japan in 1998-1999.  Installed in 2001, it was designed by Marc Coutelier who won through a design competition.

Fuji TV Building


To get up to the observatory, this escalator takes you up to the 7th floor.  From there an elevator takes you up to the 25th floor observatory.


Fuji Television Network, Inc. is a Japanese television station also known as Fuji TV or CX, based on the station's call sign "JOCX-DTV". It is the flagship station of the Fuji News Network (FNN) and the Fuji Network System.


Stairs leading to main lobby of the Fuji TV Building.


It is huge!

View from the Fuji building



The headquarters of Fuji TV is one of the most striking buildings in all of Japan. The buildings major focal point is a futuristic metallic clad building featuring a massive silver ball 32 meters in diameter protruding out of the upper floors of building.


The ball weighs in at an estimated between 1,000 to 2,000 tons and was actually built on the ground before being lifted into position some 123 meters off the ground. The ball serves as an observation deck offering spectacular views across Tokyo Bay and the Odaiba precinct.



Visiting the observation deck was originally free but now it has a small charge to enter.  We did not even try to get in.


The building consists of 25 floors and was designed by Japanese Architect Kenzo Tange, taking nearly three years to construct using the latest earthquake proof technologies. Opened in 1997, the center is home to the fully digital TV studio where much of Fuji TVís television content is filmed.





Beautiful view...


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