4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Day 3-Tokyo-5/21/2019

Dinner at Okage, Tokyo

Again I relied on my co-worker from Japan to help me with dinner reservation.  Last night we ate at Kotaru (high end Izakaya) so today he reserved Okage, an unasuming restaurant known only by locals and also so we can experience what a real Japanese would go to drink and eat after work.  A taxi dropped us off at this address and pointed to go into that direction. We walked all around for a while and we could not find the restaurant.  Again, we asked for help and a total stranger was kind enough to take us to the restaurant.


This is the entrance of the restaurant. We passed by a few time but we did not expect the restaurant to be located  in a small entrance with stairs going up to main dinning room. 

There is no way we would find it on our own. We were looking for the word "Okage" which is no where to be found since the sign is in Japanese characters.  So glad the guy who help us too us to front and told us to go up the stairs. 


Posters against the wall

Stairs going up to restaurants. Lots of sake bottles lining up the ledge.



We were the only two people in the whole restaurant.  It is a weird place with disco music blasting in the air.


My co-worker told me that the Chef used to work for renowned restaurants and he is very talented.


Decoration of the wall.



There is only the chef and 1 waiter working in this restaurant and both of them do not speak English.


Our waiter spoke a bit of English so basically we just make a lot of sign.




Hand written menu-No English menu as this restaurant is frequented mostly by local and English is not necessary.



Beverage menu

The first bottle of sake we are trying.



Since we do not speak Japanese and the Chef does not speak English I told him "Omakase" meaning chef's menu.  He nods and this is the first course that came out.

There are 5 uni in one serving and let me tell you they are so sweet and fresh, so delicious.



Mackerel and salmon sashimi-thumbs up!



Our waiter brought a bunch of sake to pick and Hoa was able to pick 3 kind.



Our server pouring the sake for Hoa.



Since Hoa like the first Sake, he also suggested a fourth bottle.


Tamago, Japanese Egg omelet



Korokke, Japanese potato and ground meat croquette



Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.




Inside the croquette




Great tasty piece of Steak



Cooked the way we like it!

The chef asked us if we want him to make for food and we said yes so that we enjoy with the 5 cup of sake Hoa ordered.



I don't know the name of this snail but the meat is sweet, crunchy and so delicious.

What a treat!


Before he brought this dish he asked us to pick a fish.  I pointed to what looks like to be sardines but I am not sure.

This fish is really tasty and has a lot of fat-yum...


You should see how he dissected the fish and made such a pretty presentation out of simple fish.




Not done yet!  He used the bone and fried it.


Very crunchy and it just so satisfying to eat the crispy bones.

What an experience eating here.  Without my co-worker recommendation we would never be able eat here.  It is a small restaurant and no tourists would ever know about it.

I am so glad we were able to eat and drink like a local this evening.




Akasaka is residential and commercial area close to Roppongi.  Really fun area at night with lots of restaurants.

On our way back to the hotel we saw this interesting restaurant.


Champagne and Gyoza.


Store front with lots of champagne bottles in the window.



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