4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Day 3-Tokyo-5/21/2019

Ueno Park, Tokyo

The last time I was at Ueno park was in 4/2017 to watch the cherry blossom.  The place was full of people as it is a Japanese tradition custom to enjoy "Hanami", a custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers.  We are in May now and the cherry blossom season is over but the park is still beautiful and best of all is that it is no longer crowded so it is really pleasant to work around.

Entering the park.  This area is lined with cherry trees and was beautiful when the blossoms appeared.  Now it just look different as all the trees are full of green leaves.


Hydrangeas are in bloom



We are now headed to the south of Ueno Park.  Hoa did not get to see this portion of the park the last time he was here as it was simply too crowded and impossible to walk around.


This is the Lotus pond.



Lots of fish in the Lotus pond


Hungry fish..

A friendship plaque between Japanese and American


Next to the Lotus pond is the boat pond where you can rent a boat.


Bentendo Hall Temple is a Benzaiten Temple that stands in the middle of Shinobazu Pond, which forms part of Ueno Park


Entrance of Bentendo Hall Temple.


Torii gate


Stairs leading to Torii gate

We did not know that the park is having a Bonsai exhibition today


The festival is called Satsuki and it is held in late May at the Ueno Park.  Many Bonsai of satsuki trees are exhibited outdoor (free admission).

The Satsuki is a type of azaleas which bloom in late May unlike ordinary azaleas which bloom in late April to early May.



At full bloom, Japanese azalea (satsuki) bonsai are a bright, stunning burst of color. Carefully maintained and crafted, they dazzle on their small pedestals.



Azaleas are available for purchase, ranging from the equivalent of a mere few to a few hundred dollars, while pruning tips were available to those interested in cultivating their own mini masterpieces.





This one is special as it is leaning toward the ground but the flowers are still blooming.



This one is bright red, really beautiful.





Fountain square at the end of the park.


Full size Blue whale model right outside of the Natural history museum (we are still inside the park).



Special Exhibition with a full size train right at the entrance.


This square is right in the middle of the park.

We are now leaving the park...


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