7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 4- Kanazawa -10/23/2023


Across the street we saw a micro brewery and since it is still early we decided to stop by for a beer.


Oriental brewing is a local brewery that produces craft beer and distilled spirits in Kanazawa


We sat at the bar.


They have a lot of different beers.


Hoa ordered a medium bodied beer with edamame soy beans.  The beer was actually really good.


Next we ordered some blonde beer with French Fries.  We were glad to stop by this shop.  The beer was good and the people are really friendly.


Next we are walking to o Ramen restaurant located about a 15/20 minutes from here.


We passed by the Kanazawa castle.


At night you can see the roofs of the Kanazawa castle.


This is the wall from the Kanazawa Castle view from the street.


We are now almost at the Korinbo area where the restaurant is located.


Store front of Ippudo Korinbo



The restaurant is actually very big inside.  This is the counter.


There are mostly younger people eating in here.


They give you an I-pad for you to order the food.  Really easy with a touch screen system and you can add toppings on top.


On the left, I got the Shiromaru with special toppings.  On the right, Hoa ordered the Special red circle.


Portion was very generous, great broth, really delicious!!  Each bolw cost less than $9 (what a steal!).


By the time we left the restaurants was full of people.  Glad we came early and got a seat easily.


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