7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 5- Kyoto-10/25/2023

Arrival/Nishiki Market


We took a 3 hours train ride  from Kanazawa to Kyoto.  Time to check in our hotel and then to walk around town.

In front of our hotel is the Takase river which is a canal that was made for transporting rice and sake form Kyoto's city center to the southern Fushimi Ward.  It runs about 10 kilometers.


People enjoying their lunch along the bank of the river.


We are now downtown Kyoto and we are looking for a quick lunch.  We stumbled on Gomadare Chazuke (Tea soaked rice).


We ordered a Tai Chazuke which is a bowl of rice topped with raw marinated sea bream, condiments and hot tea or dashi is poured over.



On the left is sashimi in sesame sauce, condiments, and rice.


The broth is poured over the rice and raw fish.  This dish is so simple but so delicious.  It was perfect for a light lunch.


Downtown Kyoto



We passed by the City Bakery and decided to check it out.


They have a lot of baked goods and the interior is really charming


Staying in line to order coffee and a snack.


I ordered a scone and Hoa ordered an oatmeal cookie with raisin.  The coffee was so good.  Perfect little break.


They also have an outdoor area for people to sit.  Really nice.


Right in the middle of downtown Kyoto on the western street known as Teramachi is a variety of art galleries, bookshops, and clothing stores.


The entrance of the Teramachi.


Lots of stores inside Teramichi


Running between Teramachi and Shinmachi, one block north of Shijo, Nishiki Market is Kyoto’s largest traditional food market


 Rich with history and tradition, the market is renowned as the place to obtain many of Kyoto's famous foods and goods.  The market is located in a narrow shopping arcade paved with cobblestone. The market is often called “Kyoto’s kitchen” for its abundance of shops (about 130) offering fruits, vegetables, fish, dry foods and more


Tempura shop


Fresh Shrimps tempura , looks yummy!


A bar inside the market


It is a popular place and it was full of people.


A lady grilling sausages next to a seafood stall.


Sea urchins for 1,000 yen a piece= $6.70 which is very reasonable.


Sea urchins and unagi (grilled freshwater eel) on sticks.


This shop specialized in ryokucha (green tea).  They have lots of desserts.


A restaurant serving takoyaki which is a ball shaped made with wheat flour containing chopped octopus and cooked on a griddle.


Beer with Takoyaki -best snack ever!


Seafood stall


Fresh oysters and fresh sea urchins



A vendor grilling Unagi


There all type of snacks.


Roasted chestnuts.


Clams on a grill


Fried fish on a stick


We are now exiting the market


At the eastern end of Nishiki Market is Tenmagū a shinto shrine dedicated to the deity Tenjin.


The entrance of the shrine.


 Tenmangū shrine is easily spotted by the many lanterns adorning the entrance.



Despite its small size, Tenmangū shrine sees a lot of foot traffic from the many people who come to sample the local cuisine and shopping in Nishiki Market.


Tenmangū is home to a natural spring that flows up from over 30 meters below ground.  This “Nishiki no Mizu” is certified safe to drink, (and tested yearly), and it’s not uncommon to see locals bottling it to take home. 

Shrine to the God of Scholarship.  The kami now famous as the god of scholarship.


Panoramic view of the shrine.


On the right side of the shrine is a Pure Spring water


We are now leaving the shrine


View from the shrine over looking Nishiki market in the background.



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