7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 5- Kyoto-10/24/2023

Kyoto at night


It is still too early for dinner so we are just walking around Kyoto.

Small alley close to our hotel located in the Nakagyo-Ku area which is one of the eleven wards in the city of Kyoto.


Nabeyacho street in the Nakago district


The Takase river is a canal that cuts through the heart of Kyoto.


The central section of the canal boasts a bustling strip of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.


The canal is really beautiful at night.


A high end restaurant located on the bank of the canal


Hiro beef Kyoto have the best quality wagyu but reservation is a must.


We are now at Shimogyo district


We re on Gionmachi Minamigawa area.


We are now headed to the Gion area


The Kamo River



Business men after work


The canal in the Gion district


So peaceful here.  We came here once during the cherry blossoms and it was so pretty.


Panoramic view of the street next to the canal.


A restaurant in the area.


The canal is the gion area


it is so beautiful with the lighting and the sound of the water running.


This area is filled with high end restaurants.


A two stories Japanese restaurant next to the bank of the canal.


A glimpse at the interior of the restaurant with people dining.


Chefs serving food are behind the counter.


Gorgeous restaurant along the canal.


So gorgeous to walk around this area.


Gion area at night.


This is the Geisha district but it is rare to see a Geisha walking around as they are all working inside.




An area with lots of trees.



A starbuck next to the river Kamo.  The views inside must be great.


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