7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 5- Kyoto-10/24/2023

Dinner at Torokichi Izakaya


We originally wanted to go back to a Japanese/Korean BBQ place but it was closed and then I remembered having a great meal a few years ago at a Japanese Izakaya close by.  I knew more or less the location of the restaurant and luckily Hoa was able to find it.  The sign is in Japanese but thanks to Google translate I was able to figure out that the restaurant name is Tarokichi.


The front of the restaurant.   I remember a giant red lamp in front and it is still there.


Small door to get in the restaurant.


When you walked in, there is a counter that can sit 6 people.  We did not have reservation but luckily we arrive early enough to get a seat at the counter.  All the tables are taken.


So happy to find this place!  We sat in the back the last time but I like the sit at the counter to see the chefs in action.


The kitchen in front of the counter.


The chef starting to grill our order.


Sake and Beer.  Cheers to a wonderful evening in Kyoto





The menu


We started with a Daikon Japanese salad


We love it, fresh, simple, and tasty.


Hear, liver, and Leg with Japanese leek


Perfectly grilled skewers.


The chef grilling...


Shitake mushrooms, tender Chicken breast wrapped in shisho leave with plum sauce,  leg with salt, and meatball with yakitori sauce


So so delicious!


Fried Chicken with Ponzu sauce


The skin was crispy and the interior was tender and so moist.  So delicious!


Grilled rice ball


In Japan you always have to end a meal with some type of starch.  This ball is grilled to perfection, crispy and so yummy.


Hoa was not full enough so we ordered a skewer of gristle, and chicken skin.


We are so glad we were able to back to this restaurant.  The food is excellent and it is really reasonably priced.  We will definitely come again if we have a chance to be in Kyoto.



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