7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 2- A walk around Kawagoe -10/21/2023

A stroll around Town


We have time so we just walked around town.

Small and quiet roads around the town.


Colorful manhole cover in Kawagoe


Some Manhole are really chearful and colorful.


Naritasan Betsuin is a Buddist temple and was founded by  Ishikawa Tomegoro in 1850.  With the financial backing of wealthy locals, he restored what was previously the ruined of Hongyoin Temple to be the first branch of Narita’s Shinsoji TempleHowever, the temple is actually best known for its monthly antique fair.


Entering the temple


Main wooden gate


Story goes is that

 Ishikawa became blind in both eyes and he began fasting at the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, where he recovered his sight in both eyes. He was so grateful and impressed that he considered the great power as a gift from Acala, so he went on a tour around the country to spread the spirit of Acala. While the people who admired and gathered around Ishikawa increased in many places, he reestablished an unused temple in Kawagoe with the help of powerful sponsors of the area, and the temple now is the current Kawagoe Betsuin temple.


 You can request for a prayer called o-goma. O-goma is a praying ritual where you burn firewood called goma-ki in front of the principle statue of Acala, which is said to burn out the worldly desires born from hesitations in one's mind.



Shusse Inari is a little shrine on the side of the temple where many believers dedicated banners to the shrine to pray for good fortune, success in business, success in passing exams, finding employment, etc...


Water purification next to the bottom of the stairs.


Water purification basin.



The belfry hall was originally cast in the 10th century.



Daishido located at the entrance enshrines Kobo Diashi the founder of the Shingon sect.


On the 21st of every month, which is the holy day when Kobo Daishi was admitted to Okunoin Temple on Mt. Koya, the temple hold a Mikageku memorial service to give thanks.


O-gogosho (Buddhist Tool) to probe mind and body.


A Rickshaw in downtown Kawagoe


The bell tower in the Warehouse district.


Old buildings in the Warehouse district.


Old building on Kurazukuri street.


Japanese ladies dressed in Kimonos...


We are heading back to the train station.


Train station in Kawagoe


We took the train back to Tokyo - 30 minutes ride.


We are now at the Shinjuku station in Tokyo.  So many people around.



NEXT... Dinner at Uoshin Nogizka, Tokyo




Our house


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