7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 2- Dinner at Uoshin Nogizaka-10/21/2023


This is our last night in Tokyo and we reserved a table at Uoshin Nogizaka for dinner.  We have been here in 2022 and they have really good sushi so here we are for the 2nd time.


The front of the restaurant is small and if you pass by you probably would not know that this is a very good restaurant.


As soon as you walked in there is long narrow walkway with on the left a bunch of stations.  This one is the fish station


We got a table in the back room


Larry, Kim, Hoa, and I, we are ready to start our meal.





Uoshin Nogizaka specialty: cucumber roll topped with salmon roe, chopped tuna, crab meat an sea urchin


We all enjoyed this dish.


We also ordered a raw shredded cabbage dish.


Assorted sashimi Moriawase.


So fresh and so delectable.


Tuna, hamachi, mackerel, lightly grilled white fish, etc...


Steamed clams with green onions


The clams were sweet and fragrant.


Fried tofu with onion and shaved tuna


Uncle Larry and untie Kim love Tofu.




Warm and delicious!


We all enjoyed the texture and the taste of the cod.


Chicken Karaage


Chicken Karaage, grilled cod, and rice with sashimi.


Ending the meal with a bowl of steamed rice with an assortment of fresh fish.


Colorful and simply to die for.


We had a wonderful meal and we pretty much ate everything.


After the meal we walked around a bit and took the subway back to our hotel.


This is the view of the Metropolitan Government offices from the 33rd floor of our hotel.


The building is about 797 ft. tall and has two tower and was featured in the movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah in 1991.


IN the center is a view of Tokyo at night.


Street view.  We are leaving Tokyo tomorrow to Kanazawa.


NEXT... Kanazawa




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