7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 5- Kyoto-10/24/2023

Lunch in Kyoto

After the Monkey park we walked back to the Arashiyama subway station


Lots of stores before entering the train station


To get back to the center of Kyoto we had to change station and take the Keifuku RandenTram line.  It is the last remnant of a network of tramlines that once served the whole city.   It is a short few stops but it was very pleasant.


We are now back to Kyoto center and not far from our hotel we found a cute Japanese restaurant.


The front of the restaurant


They have soba, tempura, and ramen so we decided to give it a try.



Hoa ordered a set lunch with cold soba, rice, tempura., tofu, and an assortment of dried condiments.


The gave a bowl of soup of the Left to dip the cold soba.


My set is hot soba soup with tempura.


The food is so delicious and so well prepared.  We were so happy to find this place and get to enjoy a wonderful meal.


After lunch we were walking back to our hotel and we saw this tiny Buddhist temple along the way. 


The sign before entering Zuisenji temple saying that we can only see the front yard of the temple


Gate to the temple


The courtyard. We were not able to get in the temple.


The temple was built as a prayer for Toyotomi Hidetsugu, a nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


Story of Zuisenji temple


We are now back to our hotel in Kyoto.  I really like this hotel!  It is located next to the Kamagawa river and in front is the Takase rive which is a canal that runs through downtown Kyoto.


We are checking out of our hotel and waiting in the lobby for our taxi to train station.


They have a really atrium in the lobby,


Goodbye Kyoto, until the next time...


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