Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 3- Imperial palace -4/3/2017


From Hama Rikyu gardens we took the subway to Tokyo station to visit the Imperial Palace.  Located roughly in the center of Tokyo and is surrounded by Japan's National Diet Building, Prime Ministers Offices, government buildings, the Financial district and is across the Tokyo train station.

The main station fašade of Tokyo station on the western side of the station is brick-built, surviving from the time when the station opened in 1914.


The brick building in the back ground is Tokyo station.


Tokyo Station is the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo. It is the busiest station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day with (over 3,000), and the fifth-busiest in Eastern Japan in terms of passenger traffic.


Bridge over Sumida river to the Imperial palace.


Marunouchi is a central commercial district located in Chiyoda between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace.

The name, meaning "inside the circle", derives from its location within the palace's outer moat. It is also Tokyo's financial district and the country's three largest banks are headquartered there.


Lots of tall buildings in this area.


Imperial palace

The Imperial Palace grounds are located in the heart of the city and therefore surrounded by skyscrapers.

We are starting with the Imperial East garden


This is the outer garden and it is open to the public year round.


View of the East garden.


Castle surrounded by moat in the East garden.


Entrance of the east garden is guarded and not open to the public.

So peaceful to walk around....

Part of the imperial palace


In the background is the Sakurada Gate leading to the Imperial Palace.


Me and Mai in front to the entrance of the Imperial palace.


Hoa is taking a 360 degree view of the outer garden starting from the entrance of the Imperial Palace

View of the Kitanomaru Park

View of Marunouchi district.


More skyline view of Marunochi district view from the Imperial Palace

Part of the park...


East garden on the left.

East garden


Back to the entrance of the Imperial palace. 


The outer garden in huge and it was exhausting walking around.


A quick selfie!

View of part of the Kitanomaru Park... going back to Tokyo station.


On our way back we bumped into a group of young people getting out of work.


Boys and girls are all dressed the same, dark suit with a white shirt,

We were pretty exhausted so we took a quick nap in the subway....

Next..Tokyo Metropolitan government offices



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