Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day1 - Meiji-jing shrine/Shibuya

Lunch in Shibuya

We walked around and decided to try a ramen shop. 

The front of the restaurant.  It is a small little restaurant really close to the Shibuya crossing.
There are pictures of the food so it helps us and we decided it to give it a try.

Menu in Japanese..

As soon as you walk in, you have to pick the food and they pay with the machine and then you will get a ticket.  The ticket is then given to the cook so they can prepare your food.

The shop is very tiny and the kitchen is taken at least 2/3 of the space.

It is old but everything is very clean.


Counter seating only.  Narrow counter and you can see the cook making your food.

Mai and Thierry

Preparing our food...

Adding condiments to the ramen bowl.

Almost ready to be served.


He is handing out our ramen bowl.

Looks delicious!


Hoa and I we ordered the same thing .. Nice bowl of ramen.

Very good but on the salty side but I think that's how Japanese eat their ramen.

Mai and Thierry ordered different type of ramen.

After lunch we took the subway  back to our hotel to rest a bit!  It was long day.

In the subway, everybody is checking their phone.

Yep, nobody is immune... all of them have their phone in their hand.

This man was totally drunk and was barely able to hold on the rail but check out the girl sitting down... she is checking her phone and did not even bother to look up.


On our way back to the hotel

We were surprised that the store is close but they left the food outside so if you want to purchase it you just pick it up and leave the money inside the basket.


Next...Dinner at Jomon




Our house


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