Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 2- Dinner at Daikokuya Tempura-4/2/2017

For Dinner we asked the concierge at our hotel to recommend a local tempura restaurant.  They highly recommended Daikokuya Tempura located close to Sensoji temple so we walked there from our hotel.  It should be a 15 minutes walk, however we got lost,  but we were so fortunate to find a local person who proposed to walk us to the restaurant.  People in Japan really go out of their way to help us.

The front of the restaurant- No English sign so you will need to ask people to help you locate the restaurant.

Daikokuya tempura honten is a one of the well known Tempura restaurants in Asakusa, famous for Tendon (Tempura rice bowl).
English menu is available

Side view of the restaurant


Beer and Alcohol menu
Tempura menu


Nasu no Shigiyaki (grilled eggplants seasoned with miso


The tempura dishes came with a clear soup.



Tendon -Teishoku with one prawn, mixed tempura & Kisu fish.



Established in 1887, having a history of more than 125 years, it has evolved to an original style of tendon. In many of the restaurants, the color of tempura is kept to a mild brown, but here, having dipped longer in a dark sauce, the batter is a rich, dark, brown color.

Story of how the Tempura is made at Daikokuya.


Tempura-Teisoku, one prawn, mixed tempura & Kisu fish.


Not sure what all the fuss is about this restaurant! All the Japanese recommended this restaurant as having the best tempura. We all expected our tempura to be crunchy and we got a soggy batter.

This was the only meal in Tokyo that did not make the cut so I cannot recommend this restaurant.

Hoa and Thierry decided to look for a whiskey bar before calling it a night!

Established in 1918, Samboa Bar is one of Tokyo’s finest whiskey bars.

The bar is filled with an endless choices of both domestic and imported whiskey.

After talking to a few people in the bar Hoa and Thierry decided to try the Ichiro's malt.  Both of them wanted a Japanese whiskey that is known to only locals.


That is a generous pour!

For those who like it on the rocks, the ice is specially made in-house, and some say you can really taste the difference.

Hoa and Thierry enjoying their whiskey.


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