Mother's beach, Long Beach, Ca - 11/4/13

Warm up


Kevin is passionate about Dragon boat and every Saturday and Sunday he has practice at Mother's beach in Long Beach.  Mothers Beach is part of Marine Park located in a beautiful marina setting. Marine Park has volleyball courts, a play area and picnic sites and it is known as "Mother's Beach" for its gentle wave action, shallow swimming area and Lifeguard Supervision during peak periods.


The right corner of the beach is used by the Kahakai Outrigger Canoe Club.

UC Irvine, UC L.A., USC, and UC Riverside meet here for their bi-weekly practice.


We spotted Kevin and his team mates on the right side of the park.

Hoa (on the left) is walking over to say Hi to Kevin.

Kevin was very happy to see us there.

Dragon Boats on the beach.


Checking out the beach... It is really quiet, really nice, and very relaxing.

Seagulls on the beach....

This seagull has seaweeds that was stuck to his right wing.  I wanted to remove it but Hoa told me not to touch him as he is wild and might be scare for me to come closer.

Warm up exercise...

This is another group warm up session...

UC Irvine running as a group....


This tree is so interesting. Take a look at the root and the trunk...


Very nice trees in the park.

Next... Practice



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