Christmas in Vegas - 12 /24/2008

This year my office is shutting down for two weeks during the holidays and since Hoa can not sit still in one place we decided to head off to Las Vegas for Christmas at the spur of the moment.  We got a nice suite at Rio for an incredible deal, they practically gave it away.   Since the economy is so bad right now, there are all kind of deals in Vegas. We are staying in Vegas for two nights just enough time for Hoa to play Texas hold'm and for us to find great shopping bargains.  Shopping in Vegas is always fun because I am a bargain hunter and I always find something to buy there.

 For Dinner we decided to eat at Mario Batali's Enoteca San Marco located on the second floor of the Venetian hotel.  I later found out that Enoteca means Wine bar in Italian. If I knew it was a Wine bar I probably will not select to dine there.

Standing in front of the restaurant.  In the background you can see Batali and Bastianich (Mario's partner and son of Lydia Bastianich, the famous cook)

Enoteca (hidden behind the wreath) San Marco sign.

Ideally situated on the Venetian's Piazza San Marco, Enoteca San Marco is the newest addition to the Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich Las Vegas family of restaurants.

Kevin and I settling in...

The wine cellar in the restaurant

For Appetizers we ordered the Arancine (Risotto balls on the right) and the Frittelle di Prosciutto (Prosciutto balls).  Both appetizers are okay.

Waiting for my meal...

Hoa ordered the Linguine con Le cozze (Linguine with mussels) with saffron and marjoram.  The linguini was undercook so it ruined the dish.

This is the linguine dish with lots of grated Parmesan...

I did not fare any better with my selection of Bucani with a lamb ragu sauce.  Again my pasta was also undercook verging on to be crunchy.


Kevin ordered a Margherita Pizza and at least this is the only dish that was good.

It was such a big disappointment to eat here.  Batali is such a great chef but I guess he can not be at each restaurant to check on each dish.  Hoa and Kevin decided that they can have a better Italian meal at home.

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