The Big Five O - 2/13/10

A celebration at Michael Mina

Michael Mina - San Francisco Course One Course Two Course three

Course Two

Hoa and Kevin selected Brandt Farm Beef-Bone Marrow

Closer look of the trio below:

Braised short rib "Bourguignon, Russet Potato Gnocchi.

Hoa thought this dish was good but not great.  I do make this dish quite often because it is a classic and here it did not have the Wow effect.

Dry Aged Rib eye, Celeriac Puree, Bone Marrow Flan

The meat was perfectly cooked!  The bone Marrow Flan was good but too rich!

Filet Mignon, Brussels sprouts, Black Trumpet Mushrooms.

The meat was amazingly tender and the sauce was excellent.

I choose the Fatty Pigs -Mangalitsa, and Kurobuta.

Mangalitsa, is breed of pig grown especially in Hungary and the Balkans known also as a curly-hair hog.

 Kurobuta is rare breed of pig originating from Britain

Close look at the trio below:

Tenderloin, Schnitzel (thinly pounded pork cutlets from Germany), Spatzle (type of egg noodle of soft texture found in the cuisine of Germany)

The tenderloin was so good and tender!

Short Rib, Braised cabbage, Poached Quince.

Also very good!

Braised shoulder, potato rosti, Apple mustard.

This is the only dish that I did not care about.  The shredded pork was just okay and a bit on the salty side.

We had just finished course two and now we are waiting for our coffee and desserts.




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