New Year's eve Dinner - 12/31/2019

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This year most of our circle of friends are out of town and there are only 3 couples left. We did not really planned ahead, and it is too late to get a reservation to a good restaurant, so we decided to do a fancy pot luck.

Maily wanted to have the party at her house but I convinced her to move it to our house so that Kevin and Kristy can join with us for a few hours.

Table is set up and the theme is winter wonderland.

I basically used only 3 colors to set up the table: white, silver, and blue to represent the Winter Wonderland theme.


Main view of the table.


All the elements of the décor are inspired of soft tones to create a feeling of a winter fairytale.


Lots of sparkles and glitter.


White plates with silver accents are brought out for the occasion.


This year the decoration is minimal but it still look very special.



Adding candles to create a soft glow.


Hurricane, silver garlands, and lots of sparkling decorations are added in the center of the table.




The guests.

Maily, Alice, Huyen, and I in the kitchen area.


Me, Kristie, Kevin, and Hoa (Hoa is getting good with selfie!)


Starting with cocktails...


The wine for this evening...



Phuc and Huyen

Mark and Alice


Huyen, Me, and Kevin.


Phuong holding Dora ...


Appetizers... getting ready for dinner.

The two trays on the right are Coquilles Saint Jacques that was prepared by Maily.  They will go to the broiler for a few minutes first before serving.


Next....The food/New Year

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