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Notre Dame de Paris Île S. Louis, Le Marais Lunch, cheese & wine Dinner at la Régalade

La Régalade- 10/24/2015

Last year we had lunch at La Régalade and we were impressed with their food so this year Hoa wanted to come back for Dinner.  Reservation is a must so I called ahead of time and was able secure a table at 8:00PM.  La Régalade is a friendly and relaxed bistro serving well-presented and copious seasonal cuisine, it is always full and it is easy to see why.  Open 5 days a week and close on the weekend,  located on avenue Jean Moulin in the South of Paris, on the 14th arrondissement.   The menu is a prix fixed for 37 euros (a real bargain) for a 3 course meal.  There are many choices for starters and main dishes and they also know for their famous grand Marnier soufflé.  Chef Bruno Doucet offers a cuisine inspired from Southwestern France and refined dishes for a good quality price ratio. 

In front of La Régalade

Decoration on one for the wall next to our table

La Régalade welcomes you in its restaurant with classical and traditional decor, charming cracked tile floor, wooden furniture, and burgundy banquettes.  You definitely get the warm and friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in..

Cheers!  Happy to be here.

Hoa ordered a bottle of red wine.


Compliment of the house is an all you can eat huge Pâté de Campagne terrine and a huge jar of cornichons. 

The French really know how to prepare Pâté ! I keep reminding everyone not to each too much but it is difficult to stop as the bread and the pate is too delicious! 


This is a must order soup- It is always on their menu.

Royale de foie gras de canard et ailerons de volaille, bouillon crémeux de champignons du moment -Flan-like foie-gras, chicken wings, in a creamy mushroom soup.


The soup was brought to the table without the broth so you can see the ingredients and then the broth is poured over.

Creamy, flavorful, simply delicious.

Beautiful dish!

Butternut soup: served with a poached organic cauliflower, crispy Serrano ham, crispy croutons, green cabbage leaves, and chives.   The butternut soup was then poured over... It was gorgeous;  rich, creamy, complex but never heavy or over bearing.


Carpaccio of beef - Beautiful dish.

I was told it was delicious!

Wild sea bream fillet a la Plancha, crisp vegetables with olive oil,  coriander and ginger emulsion.


Fillet of cod fish baked with salt from Brittany in a chicken broth, spinach shoots in a ravigote sauce (The sauce is classically based upon a vegetable or meat broth, or a velouté, with herbs)


Navet D'agneau (Lamb) with mushrooms, sun flower seeds, and a yummy and rich sauce. 

They also brought out a serving of arugula salad with crispy bacon and a smooth, rich, mashed potatoes.  I was told we can have as much as we want.... just ask for more if needed.


Grand Marnier soufflé- The BEST!

Marshmallow with chocolate mousse with mint.

This is my least favorite dessert in all of them.


Pot de creme with Passion fruit and raspberries served with home made butter cookies.

Rice pudding with caramel sauce.  It might look simple but this is so good.

The caramel sauce really enhance the rice pudding.  I could not get enough of it.


So yummy!

Compliment of the house - Home made, warm Madeleines.

Ending the meal with a hot cup of coffee. 

The portion is really copious which is quite a rarity in the City of Light.  I could not finish my dish so I asked them to pack it for me.  I think not a lot of people ask to take home their left over so they don't have any to go box, they simply wrap my left over with some foil and hand it to me without a bag to carry it.  I guess only Americans ask for leftovers.

If you are in Paris make sure to make a stop here, and make sure to come hungry!


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