Normandy-9/28/2015 - 10/1/2015

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Trouville, Normandy

The drive from Paris to Trouville is a bit over 2 hours but we really took our time to get there.

Trouville-sur-Mer, commonly referred to as Trouville is located on the Normandy coast in the northwestern of France.

Although it has a history dating back several hundred years, the town has grown and developed essentially as a seaside resort, with a tangle of pedestrian streets just back from the beach that are alive with restaurants and hotels, and a busy boardwalk running along a sandy beach.

By the mid-1800s, it was the beach à la mode and painters like Eugène Boudin captured its beauty.

City Hall, built in Louis XIII style.

Casino Barrière de Trouville.

The casino Trouville-sur-Mer offers the classic table games such as Blackjack and Roulette and in addition Boule, similar to roulette. Poker lovers will be disappointed since the casino doesn’t offer poker cash games. You will need to go to Deauville (the next town) to play poker.

The building is very nice from the outside.  We tried to get in but we did not bring any identification with us so they did not let us in.

This is the main street in Deauville lined with Restaurants and coffee shops.


For Dinner we selected Cafe la Coupole, a typical French restaurant.  Located near the harbor and the town hall and overlooking the Casino.


Compliment of the house, toast with tapenade


For appetizers with ordered (from left to right)

Home made Foie gras de canard, smoke and cured duck's breast with chutney - €17,

Homemade Terrine de campagne -€7

Escargot de Bourgogne -€8.5


Kevin love escargot and this one did not disappoint.  The Foie gras and the terrine de campagne was also excellent.

Close look at the foie gras and smoked duck's breast.

Close look at the terrine de campagne.


Close look at the escargots de Bourgogne. 

Hoa ordered a bottle of Petit Chablis which is pretty decent- €125

For our main dish Hoa ordered the Moules Mariniere , pommes frites -€13.80

Kevin ordered a Moules a la creme (mussels with cream sauce) , pommes frites (French fries) -€14.80

The portion was pretty generous and so reasonable. In the end we all had to help him a bit.  Kevin could not finish his portion neither.

The mussels were fresh, succulent, and simply so delectable.


I ordered a bavette d'Aloyau grillee with french fries - Grilled skirt steak - €14.8


Kristie ordered  a pave de Saumon Roti au berure citronne, pommes vapierus et haricot verts - €18

Water and coffee at the end of our meal.

Crepe au sucre


Chocolat moelleux (chocolate lava cake) avec creme Anglaise



By the time we left the restaurant it was dark...

We had a good meal and their price is so reasonable.

After dinner we decided to walk a bit around town. 

View of Trouville on the bridge diving Deauville (on the right) an Trouville on the left.


The end of City limit of Trouville, beyond the sign and after the bridge is Deauville.

The next Day..


For breakfast we stopped by Patisserie CHARLOTTE CORDAY, an artisan pastries shop.

We ordered, coffee with cream, orange juice, and a variety of pastries.


We got some bread with butter, croissant, and pain au chocolat.

more pastries..

Coffee and cream so delicious! 

Kevin and Kristie enjoying their pastries.  The pastries here are really delicious and the service is also friendly and effective.

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