4 days in Paris -12/14-12/17/2018

Holiday Dinner with family- 12/15/2018

Tonight we have a family gathering at La's and Thierry's house for a Holiday dinner with family.   We are expecting a little less than 40 people and this is just Hoa's family!

All the ladies and the young adults.


All the men and the kids.


Julie, Hoa, and Jeremie



La, Chi Be, and Hoa in the kitchen.

Georges and Hoa.


The men mingling....


Me, Tutu, Mai Linh, Melanie holding one of the twins, Toan, and Phung.


Xiu holding her grand daughter.

Hoa and Canh


Ngan, Davanh, Dara, Catherine, Den, Chi Be, and Loan.



Everybody is happy to see the twins.




Soan and Lenny.


Alain, Trang, and Toan


Gathering around the table...


Lots of conversations going on..



Looks like everybody is here so it is time to eat...



Family portrait



Both tables are set up.


Hoa making sure there is wine on the table..


Seafood platter and roasted turkey in the kitchen.


Heating up Pate Chaud made by Den.


Oysters, shrimps, and escargots.



Table is ready now!


Close view of one platter of seafood (we ordered 3 of them).


Me, Mo Hoang, Cau Hoang, and Hoa.




A table, Let's eat....


All of us enjoying the food and the joy to be with family members.


Catherine made all the desserts for the evening!



Sampling a bit of everything...

Happy Holidays!


Next... Lunch with Alex and Lea




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